Dog Desheds

Dog Desheds – Available Tuesdays!

At Dogtopia Retreat, your pet’s needs are our priority. Due to this, we are now offering Deshed Dog Grooms. These grooms aim to reduce shedding by removing your pooches loose and dead hair whilst removing the undercoat in breeds with a double coat! When you visit our Doggie Pawlour, our groomer will make sure your pet goes home looking and smelling amazing!

Does your pet have sensitive skin? We can accommodate for you pooch because we have hypoallergenic produces to suit every pets needs!

What is included in a deshed?

Our deshed grooms begin with the groomer assessing your dogs coat condition, hair thickness and any areas of concern to see what tools and techniques would be best for them. After this assessment, Estefania takes the time to bond with your pooch to ensure they are comfortable before commencing the groom. She will begin by brushing your pooch with either a undercoat rake, slicker brush or comb depending on your pooches coat to remove loose hair and spread natural oils around.

After the brush, your pooch will be placed in a high pressure, warm hydrobath where deshedding specific produces will be used to loosen the remaining hair and leave your pooch smelling grrrreat! Following the hydrobath, your pooch will be blow dried and brushed again to remove the remaining hair whilst drying it. To finish, she will apply cologne to your pooch, cut their nails and clean ears if needed.

What is the Dogtopia Difference?

Our Doggie Pawlour is a calm, relaxing environment where your pet can feel safe and secure while they are being pampered by our team. Our team are dedicated to practicing low stress handling and gentle techniques to maximise your dogs happiness and comfort!

Our groomer, Estefania has been specifically trained in deshedding techniques meaning she understands the unique needs of your pooch and their breed! Additionally, her extensive background in dog behaviour allows her to ensure your dog is happy and comfortable throughout the groom. Estefania takes the time at the beginning of each groom to bond with you pooch to ensure they are comfortable and trust her before commencing. Our groomer uses positive reinforcement to create a calming atmosphere and positive experience for your pooch!

Assisting our fur family is vital to us; Due to this, our groomer will provide you with some recommendations to maintain your pooches coat and appearance between grooms1

What are the benefits of deshed?

  1. Reduces deshedding by minimising the hair your dog looses
  2. Promotes healthier skin and coat by removing dead hair and distributing their natural oils
  3. Prevents tangling and matting which assist in reducing skin irritation and discomfort in dogs
  4. Improve air circulation by decreasing the hair density which is especially key in winter
  5. Improve temperature regulation by removing undercoat
  6. Less allergens for people who are allergic by removing dander and loose fur
  7. Enhance bonding by creating a positive grooming experience for groomers and owners with dog
  8. Early issue detection as groomer closely inspects skin and coat which can result in the identificaiton of abnormalities to seek medical advice on
  9. Improves dogs comfort and wellbeing
  10. Improves dogs appearance

Our Prices:

Small dogs (e.g. King Charles Spaniel)$65.00
Medium dogs (e.g. Japanese Spitz)$75.00
Large dogs (e.g. Aussie Shepherds)$90.00
Extra large dogs (e.g. Husky)$110.00
Bum Shave (extra)$10.00
Anal Gland Expression$30.00
Paw hair trim (extra)no charge


All dogs are required to be up to date with their vaccinations before attending the facility for their groom

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