Deshed FAQs

Often their is some confusion and myths surrounding dog desheds. To avoid this, we have made this page to be completely transparent and answer some common questions you may have!

What are dog desheds and why are they important?

Desheds are a type of grooming process removing loose hair from a dog’s coat whilst reducing the amount they deshed in the long term. This process helps to also promote healthy skin and coat condition. This is achieved by decreasing the risk of matting and detangling occurring by performing a thorough brush and high pressure wash in order to improve the dog’s comfort and appearance.

How often should I get them done?

The regularity of these desheds are highly dependent on your dog’s creed, coat type and shedding patterns. Generally dogs with really heavier coats and frequent shedding patterns benefit from desheds every 4-6 weeks, whilst others only require it every 6-8 weeks or seasonally. If you want to know what is best for your pooch simply ask our friendly team!

Will it impact my dogs natural coat?

No it will not! Desheds use a non-invasive process to remove loose hair which does not impact the natural growth and texture of the coat. Additionally, our grooming will use specific brushes tailored to your pooches hair type and texture! This helps improve their coat health!

Can it help reduce my dog’s allergies? Can my dog still get it if they have skin allergies?

Desheds can assist in reducing your pooches allergies by minimising the amount of loose hair that can cause irritation to your dogs skin. In addition to this, through the reduction of deshedding it can assist with people who have allergies to dogs by also reducing the pet dander produced.

We have a large range of products available to use in the bath if you dog has allergies. These include gentle and hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners like Malaseb and Aloveen which is often suitable and recommended for dogs with sensitive skins!

Is it painful?

This process is not painful for pooches unless they have lots of matting and detangling that needs to be brushed through. However, through our groomers use of appropriate tools, techniques and gentle, low stress handling techniques we attempt to minimise this possible pain to keep you pooch happy and comfortable throughout to assist in the removal of hair without irritation

Do desheds completely stop my dog from loosing hair?

Although desheds can significantly help to reduce the amount of hair dog’s deshed it does not stop it all together. This is because shedding is a natural process for dogs because it helps to remove their old/ damaged hair to make room for new growth which is necessary for dogs!

Is their any time of year where desheds as specifically important?

Desheds are particularly beneficial in the Spring time due to the warm weather and increased daylight. This results in dogs shedding cycle increasing as they transition from the cooler months back to the warmer to prepare for summer time. In additional to this transitional period, Summer is another time where desheds can be very beneficial for dogs because it helps reduce their thick coats to help them stay cool in the heat. On top of this, Autumn time is another period where dogs can shed a lot due to the transition from summer to winter (winter coat comes in). Overall, all year round desheds can be great for your dog!

Are their is dog breeds that specifically benefit from desheds?

There are many types of breeds that can benefit from the deshed. Dog with a double coat are normally the ones that can receive the most benefits from this process. Dog with a double coat includes but is not limited to, Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds. Additionally, dogs that are heavy shedders including Labradors, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Great Pyrenees also benefit greatly. The final group that also receives great benefits from desheds are long hair dogs like the collies and those with specific grooming needs like Cocker Spaniels. There are many other dog breeds not mentioned on this list that can also benefit from this service.

Will be do loose hair in bulk following having a deshed?

    Yes, Bulk desheds are very normally immediately after a deshed has been done because the dogs hairs are loosened. Due to this, for a few days to a week following a deshed (can be longer depending on your dog’s breed, coat, season and how regular they are groomed) lots of hair is likely to be lost form your dog. Concerned about this? Ask our groomer to find out more

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