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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I send my dog to doggie daycare?

  • Whether your dog is a little lonely or bored, or simply enjoys the company of other people and pets, we‘re here to provide them with an enriched learning experience through socialisation and educational games. Playing with other dogs is a great way for them to reduce boredom and anxiety, increase their physical activity whilst building behavioural and socialisation skills.

How will I know if my dog will enjoy it?

  • At Dogtopia Retreat, it’s our priority to ensure that your pet is safe, comfortable and happy at all times. Our team are trained and experienced to ensure that all dogs have a suitable temperament around other people and pooches. During your initial visit, we will complete a checklist to ensure they are suitable and answer any of your questions. We understand that daycare can sometimes be overwhelming for some pooches, however our staff pride themselves on always being completely honest and open with their parent about their dogs behaviours and levels of enjoyment whilst being in our care.

What happens if my pet disagrees with another dog?

There may be certain times when other dogs play a little too rough, but rest assured that they are under constant supervision. Our experienced and dedicated team are trained to identify early warning signs of aggression or stress. Our team is also trained in canine first aid and capable of attending to any potential medical problems for your peace of mind.

I have a senior dog – will they be comfortable here?

  • Here at Dogtopia Retreat, we provide personalised care and attention to each of our guests. Senior pets who may need a little extra TLC will be closely monitored and placed in suitable groups based on their on their age, breed and temperament.

Do you feed them during the day?

  • That’s entirely up to you! We are happy to follow your instructions, or alternatively we can provide your pup with premium liver treats that are rich in nutrition and promote healthy teeth. We also, have licki-mats and barksicles available to purchase for your pooches consumption during the day

Do you provide hydrobaths?

We have a hydrobath service available for a small additional fee for convenient, affordable and quality grooming solutions. Your dog will look good and smell great! Click here to learn more.


What are the expectations of my dog whilst they are at daycare?