What to expect

Getting to know you!

At Dogtopia Retreat, it’s our priority to ensure that your pet is safe, comfortable and happy at all times. Our team are trained and experienced to ensure that all dogs have a suitable temperament around other people and pooches.

During your initial visit, we will complete a checklist to ensure they are happy, healthy pups:

Happy pups

  • Introduction with our (two-legged) team members
  • Doggy introduction with one or two dogs, to ensure they are not feeling anxious or vulnerable
  • Doggy guests separated into playrooms according to their breed, size and temperament with a larger group of dogs
  • Daily exercise in our outdoor playrooms – dig and have fun in the sandpit!
  • Special games designed to increase engagement with our guests including tunnel runs, doggy cricket and tug of war

Healthy pups

  • Up-to-date vaccinations are required for all guests
  • Puppies must be 17 weeks or older
  • Treatment for fleas and worms up to date
  • All guests must be desexed once they turn 6 months of age
  • Pack your dog’s food and we will feed them according to their schedule or alternatively, they can join us for an afternoon snack
  • Safe and clean facility with in-floor drains in to keep things hygienic and smelling fresh
  • Large ceiling fans to ensure your pups are staying cool during the warmer months

Extra Services

Many of our staff members have qualifications in Animal & Companion Studies.

Playtime is an important part of your dog’s experience at Dogtopia Retreat. There may be certain times when other dogs play a little too rough, but rest assured that they are under constant supervision. Our experienced and dedicated team are trained to identify early warning signs of aggression.

We have a mixture of outdoor and indoor play areas, which means we are open rain or shine! In addition to this, all of the play areas are large – suitable for exercise, games and fun, and guaranteed to tire out your canine companion!