Dogtopia Retreat K9 Behaviour Training

At Dogtopia Retreat, our pooches and owners happiness and safety is our top priority. Due to this, our new behaviour training programs have been created by our Amazing behaviour Trainer, Estefania! These programs aim to improve your pooches basic commands, fundamental, problematic behaviours or specific concerns you may have, leading to a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with your dog.

At our Facility with have 5 available behaviour class options:

  • Puppy Preschool
  • Puppy Primary School
  • Junior Fundamentals
  • Adult Fundamentals
  • 1:1 Training sessions at our facility, your home or in external places

To find out more about these classes see below:

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a great opportunity for your pooch to be socialised, learn basic skills like sit, stay and come, whilst addressing some common puppy issues with an experienced dog trainer. This 5 week program is 5 weeks long which include 5 x 1 hour sessions for pooches aged between 8-16 weeks. To be eligible for this class, we require the pooches to have their first vaccination.

The puppy preschool program costs $190.00 which must be paid to confirm your dogs spot.

Puppy Primary School

Puppy Primary School is a five week program involving 5 x 1 hour sessions for pooches aged 17 weeks to 6 months. To be eligible for this class we require your pooch to be fully vaccinated. These sessions help teach you and your fur baby about impulse control, obedience with distractions, socialisation, basic skills, and extending on puppy preschool lessons. This programs offers an excellent environment for anyone who may have missed out on puppy preschool or mischievous puppies.

The cost of the puppy primary school program is $210.00

Junior Fundamentals

This 5 week program had been specifically made for pooches aged 6 months to 1 year old that are fully vaccinated. During these one hour sessions, clients and their dogs will learn about canine body language, refresher of basic commands, focus on calming behaviours, loose lead walking and recall.

Adult Fundamentals

This 5 week program includes 5 x 1 hour sessions designed for pooches aged 1 to 4 years that are fully vaccinated. This program focuses on handling your pooch, calming exercises, polite manners, common behavioural issues, loose lead walking and recall behaviours.

Want to book a 1:1 consultation or program with our Trainer; or find out about our pricing? Contact us