Our Facility

Dogtopia Retreat is your dog’s home away from home

Our purpose-built facility has been designed with your pooch’s needs in mind! Dogs of all ages will enjoy our range of playrooms, activities and games designed to keep their minds and bodies alert. Your pooch will spend the day playing, socialising, climbing and exploring our daycare centre with their other furry mates.

Indoor/Outdoor Playrooms

  • Dogs are separated into small groups according to their size, personality, temperament and owner preferences
  • The daycare is split into different playrooms, each with their own themes including dog runs/challenges, rest area, toys/fun and outdoor (shaded) grassed area/sandpit
  • Playrooms feature extended ceiling fans to ensure your pups stay cool during the warmer months
  • Playrooms are safely monitored at all times
  • Two large sand pits to keep your dogs cool, decrease their stress and let their natural digging urges out

Daily Activities

  • Pups will get to release their energy with some exciting games including bobbing for toys in our clam shells and tunnel running.
  • Individual attention for dogs and their health/nutrition requirements
  • Other fun activities such as paw painting, doggie cricket and tug of war
  • Our television also adds a sense of familiarity and comfort for our guests.. Check out our doggie themed movies!
  • Daily hydrobath for a relaxing bathing section
  • We also provide a range of toys, balls, tunnels, treats and beds
  • Our agility equipment offers pooches an opportunity to practice their skills and endurance with all their pals